Eye Surgery Video Resources

Welcome to our eye surgery video resources page. Dr. Mark Manocha uses the latest and best technology for all LASIK eye surgery and other procedures to correct cataracts, glaucoma and more. Contact us today for a consultation to give you the best vision possible.

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Eye Surgery Video: Intraocular Lens Surgeries

This video shows the various intraocular lens surgeries that are available to cataract patients. You also will learn the different types of intraocular lenses and how they will affect your vision after cataract surgery.

A Closer Look at Cataracts

Outlining what cataracts are, how they affect our vision, and what options are available. This eye surgery video aids patients in identifying the early signs of cataracts and walks them through the process of treatment and recovery.

IOL Informed Consent

The goal of cataract surgery is to improve vision by replacing the natural lens of they eye with and intraocular lens known as an IOL. It is important to understand the types of IOLs, how they affect your vision, and how your post operation vision will be affected.