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GlaucomaLasik Eye SurgeryCataract Services
GlaucomaLasik Eye SurgeryCataract Services

 LASIK Eye Surgery Savannah GA

For the Most Advanced LASIK Eye Surgery Available in the Savannah GA Area, Contact Dr. Mark Manocha Today!
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For the latest technology in LASIK eye surgery, call experienced LASIK eye surgeon Dr. Mark Manocha today at Savannah Cataract. Vision is an important aspect of your health, and a doctor-patient relationship is one we hold to the highest standard. Dr. Mark Manocha and his staff provide top-quality care to patients in Savannah GA and surrounding areas, including Jesup GA and Hinesville GA.

Savannah Cataract specializes in cataract and LASIK eye surgery in addition to glaucoma treatment. Schedule your appointment today with Dr. Mark Manocha. Call (912) 354-4800!

We are proud to serve patients in Hinesville GA and Jesup GA!

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Cataract Surgery

lasik eye surgery savannah cataract savannah ga hinesville ga jesup gaCataract Surgery removes the eye’s cloudy natural lens and replaces it with a clear artificial lens. Cataracts are predominately related to the aging process and affect many people over age 50. Others may present cataracts at birth or develop cataracts resulting from endocrine or environmental causes. Vision with cataracts is like viewing objects through a cloudy film, although it is the eye’s clear lens that becomes cloudy; cataracts prevent light and images from reaching the retina, which reduces your quality of vision. Dr. Mark Manocha offers Laser Cataract Surgery that features the LenSx Laser. This is a cutting- edge computerized form of cataract surgery elevating the already-safe and effective procedure to a higher level.

Find more information in our Eye Surgery Video Resources.

LASIK Eye Surgery in Savannah GA

lasik eye surgery savannah cataract savannah ga hinesville ga jesup gaLASIK surgery is a very popular refractive procedure and may eliminate or reduce the need for corrective lenses. It corrects farsightedness, nearsightedness, and astigmatism. If you are tired of contact lenses or eyeglasses, LASIK surgery may be the laser eye surgery you have been looking for. Contact us for a consultation today and eliminate the blurry vision and the need for glasses or contacts.

Dr. Mark Manocha offers LASIK surgery using the Wavelight Excimer, the first-ever surgical suite designed for exclusive use in LASIK surgery. With this major step in LASIK, Dr. Manocha is able to perform safe, fast and highly accurate LASIK for qualifying patients. Call today for your LASIK Eye Surgery consultation.

See Clearly with LASIK Eye Surgery

When you need an accomplished, experienced LASIK eye surgeon in Savannah GA, Dr. Manocha is the very best! Call us today to make an appointment to discuss how LASIK eye surgery can help you eliminate the need for contacts and eyeglasses!


lasik eye surgery savannah cataract savannah ga hinesville ga jesup gaGlaucoma is a condition that will cause damage to the eye’s optic nerve and is associated with a buildup of inside pressure of the eye. Without proper glaucoma treatment, you will slowly lose your peripheral vision or side vision and will not see objects out of the corner of the eye. It is much like looking through a tunnel and over time, central vision or straight- ahead vision will decrease until permanent blindness takes place.

Dr. Mark Manocha offers the latest and best glaucoma treatment available.

For a Professional and Dedicated LASIK Eye Surgeon in the Savannah GA and Surrounding Areas including Jesup GA and Hinesville GA, Call for your Consultation Today! (912) 354-4800